The Flummies
Flummies (flum`-meez`) n. - traditional Labrador trappers' bread using a mixture of flour, salt and baking powder

The Flummies are a four piece music group which are home-based in the Central Labrador community of Happy Valley - Goose Bay. The band plays traditional accordion music, their own hits, plus a lively mixture of country/rock. The Flummies are prominently known for recording and preserving the historical, cultural and traditional songs of Labrador. The indigenous influences of the Innu, Inuit and Metis people have been intertwined over the last century, to produce songs known as "Labrador music". Songs which tell stories of the people who have survived hard times, and those whom have seen all the beauty the Labrador landscape has to offer.

Since their 1988 release of their second album, "Songs of Labrador", The Flummies have many, many albums and frequently perform around the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, across Nunavik. Included in their touring was a five show performance in Germany in 1989 and twenty-eight shows at the base of the CN Tower in June of 1999. In more recent years the band has been spreading their unique brand of music across Canada's northern territories.
The Flummies have been performing since 1977 and consist of aboriginal musicians of Inuit and Metis decent. Original group member Richard Dyson (accordion and percussion) has been joined by Tunker Campbell (acoustic and electric lead guitars, vocals), Leander Baikie (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Sim Asivak (bass).

The Flummies pledge to continue to please audiences with their homegrown style and blend of good heartwarming, toe-tapping music.

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