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Four Songs From Labrador
1986, "Four Songs From Labrador", was the first release for The Flummies on a 4 song vinyl format. This truly is a collectors item

1) The Trappers Life - Eldred Mesher
2) Old Mokami - Byron Chaulk
3) Sons Of Labrador - Byron Chaulk/Gerald Mitchell
4) Uncle's Tune/Itchy Tune - traditional arrangement by Richard Dyson
Members in 1986 were:
back row left: Bob Lunnen, Richard Dyson, Alton Best
front row left: Winston White and George Shiwak
Songs of Labrador
1988 "Songs of Labrador" was released on cassette tape and vinyl only. It features various classic Labrador songs such as;

1) 45 Miles From Goose Bay - John Hodder
2) My Little Cottage Home - Eldred Mesher (Leo Messier)
3) Grand River Song - Stewart Michelin
4) Canadian Waltz - traditional arrangement by Richard Dyson
5) Heading For Our Fortune - Henry John Williams
6) Labrador Rose - Dick Gardiner
7) Me, Ockie And Grandpa - Louie Montague
1) Trappers Alphabet - Judson Blake Sr.
2) Wings Of An Eagle - Hiram White
3) Three In One Waltz - traditional arrangement by Richard Dyson
4) Crowd Of Jolly Trappers - Douglas Best
5) Gerald's Jig/Crackie's Reel - traditional arrangement by Richard Dyson
6) Home To Labrador - Gary O'Driscoll
Members are from left on the cover are: Alton Best, Harris Learning, Greg O'Blenis, Richard Dyson, and George Shiwak.
2000 "Labradorimiut" The Flummies released this album on cassette tape and CD. It features new compositions such as the hits "Comb Your Hair Flat Down", "The Land God Gave to Cain" and Today We've Just Begun" plus various classic Labrador songs. This album has sold extremely well in this province and has given the Flummies two nominations for aboriginal artist group of the year.
1) Sons of Labrador - (Innugiamik Labradorimi) Sid Dicker
2) Silver Bells - Traditional Arrangement
3) Shores of Labrador - Albert Dean
4) Comb Your Hair Flat Down - Ray Campbell
5) My Mulligan Home - Byron Chaulk
6) Old and the Old Woman - Traditional Arrangement
7) My Buddy Sam - Byron Chaulk
8) Fly Bitin' Boogie - Tunker Campbell/The Flummies
9) Today We've Just Begun - Leander Baikie
10) Silver and Gold Two Step - Traditional Arrangement
11) Batteau Reunion - Pearl Learning/Richard Dyson
12) Up In The Northland - Leander Baikie
13) Environmental Breakdown - Leander Baikie
14) Land God Gave To Cain - Tunker Campbell
Members are from left: Simeon Asivak, Tunker Campbell, Alton Best, Leander Baikie and Richard Dyson
2001 Two Songs For Christmas
1) You Still Got Me (Flummies Anniversary Song) - Leander Baikie
2) Jingle Bells - Traditional
Way Back Then
2002 "Way Back Then". The Flummies released this album to celebrate the history of music played over the radio back in the 40's. It contains previously unreleased material as well as some classic "Labrador" songs which were never ever recorded.

Members are from left: Richard Dyson, Leander Baikie, Simeon Asivak, Tunker Campbell and Alton Best
The 25th Anniversary Album
25th Anniversary Album
2005 - The Flummies
This Is The Life For Me
Year - The Flummies

Classic Canadian folk, roots, traditional music depicting the life and culture of the people in Labrador, thru accordion jigs and reels and self penned tunes. Includes the hit title track, "This Is The Life For Me"

Members are from left: Alton Best, Leander Baikie, Tunker Campbell, Simeon Asivak, and Richard Dyson
2010 The River
1. CFLN Jig (1:48) (instrumental accordion)
2. Little Town Of Nutak (2.56) (east coast)
3. The River (3:13) (east coast)
4. Cold Canadian Waters (3:40) (east coast country)
5. Maple Sugar (2:35) (instrumental accordion)
6. Hearts Desire (5:24) (east coast country)
7. Sawdust on the Floor of Your Heart (3:05) (east coast country)
8. Grand Old Mokami (4:12) (east coast)
9. Up In the High Arctic (3:08) (east coast)
10. Pious's Favorite (2:08) (instrumental accordion)
11. 1950 (3:33) (east coast country)
12. Going to Alberta (2:25) (east coast)
Brothers on the River
2022 - The Flummies
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